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We started Biofi with the vision of translating bio-markers into meaningful real world solutions for health and wellness management. Our R&D efforts, under the guidance of eminent technologists and endocrinologists, is developing a truly non invasive way of measuring blood glucose level with high accuracy using Near Infra-Red Light. Combined with AI and analytics, that helps you better understand how your diet and life style are impacting your blood glucose levels, and our App that connects you to wellness management, we are making it easier to reduce the long term expenses of Diabetes management.

In the next 8 months, our patented Non Invasive device, will make your blood glucose measurement, a painless, simple experience at affordable cost. Truly we look to make Better Life a reality.

How much you could Save

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The average cost of disposables used for blood glucose measurement per year is 12000 INR

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Why are we better?

The future of diabetes management system is simplified with us

Biofi Better Life
Non Invasive – no pricks, no blood
Biofi Better Life
No recurring cost of disposables.
Biofi Better Life
Carry with you and measure anywhere in an instant.
Biofi Better Life
Your family members can also check their glucose levels on the same device
Biofi Better Life
Self calibrating device – you don’t need to do anything once you buy the device
Biofi Better Life
Understand your blood glucose readings in relation to your life style through our analytics