Dr. Sreenivasa Rao Amaraneni Ph.D, CSci,CChem, FRSC.,
Technical Advisor – Chemistry

Dr. Sreenivas Amarneni is the Associate Professor of Department of Chemistry at Dayanand Sagar University Bangalore and was awarded his PhD from Andhra University in Chemistry titled as studies on the pollution problems of Kolleru lake with special references to pesticides and heavy metals. With an experience of 22 years, his expertise lies in inorganic chemistry, chemistry, structural chemistry of photochemical degradation, Macromolecules Crystallography, Proteomics, Protein crystallization and characterization, DNA fingerprinting, Bioinformatics etc. and has been member of many elite societies such as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, London and many more. He is key to many commercially successful projects and also many ongoing projects. He is the author for “Environmental Degradation of Kolleru Lake” and has published 21 research papers nationally and internationally

Prof DSU Bangalore