Dr. Satyanarayana N Gummadi Ph.D, Pdoc .,
Technical Advisor – Biotech

Dr. Satyanarayana N. Gummadi is the Head of Biotechnology Department at IIT Madras and was awarded his PhD from IIT M in Biochemical engineering. During his vast experience of 20 years, his expertise lays in Bioprocess development for production of industrial metabolites, Recombinant protein production, protein purification, bio degradation and membrane purification and has published 107 research articles in many reputed national and international journals, authored 3 books in the fields of bio-chemical & biotechnology, has been honored with many prestigious awards from organizations worldwide and has successfully completed 17 commercial projects in collaboration with multiple organizations. He is also a distinguished lifetime member of many elite societies such as Association of Microbiologists of India, Biotechnology Research Society of India, and Society for Applied Biotechnology etc.

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